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      How much do you know about gas boilers?

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      What is natural gas?

      Natural gas is a gaseous fossil fuel mainly composed of methane. It is mainly found in oil and gas fields, and a small amount is from coal seams. Natural gas is also buried in the underground closed geological structure like crude oil, and some are stored in the same layer as crude oil, and some exist separately. For natural gas stored in the same layer as crude oil, it will be mined along with the crude oil. The main use of natural gas is fuel, which can produce carbon black, chemicals and liquefied petroleum gas. Propane and butane produced from natural gas are important raw materials for modern industry. Natural gas is mainly composed of a mixture of gaseous low molecular hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon gases. . With the accelerated implementation of natural gas price reform, the “13th Five-Year Plan” vigorously promotes the gradual approach of natural gas development, and the recent increase in the use of natural gas in the cold weather, the development of natural gas will usher in historic opportunities.

      Natural gas use:

      Replace natural gas with natural gas for factory heating, production boilers and gas turbines for thermal power plants. Natural gas power generation is an effective way to alleviate energy shortages, reduce the proportion of coal-fired power generation, and reduce environmental pollution. From the perspective of economic benefits, natural gas power generation requires less investment per unit of installed capacity, shorter construction period, lower on-grid tariffs, and stronger Competitiveness.

      Advantages of natural gas:

      1. Natural gas is one of the safer gas. It does not contain carbon monoxide and is lighter than air. Once it leaks, it will immediately spread upwards and will not accumulate to form an explosion.

      Sexual gas, high safety. The use of natural gas as an energy source can reduce the amount of coal and oil, thus greatly improving environmental pollution; as a clean energy source, natural gas can reduce sulfur dioxide and dust emissions by nearly 100%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% and nitrogen oxide emissions. 50%, and help reduce the formation of acid rain, soothe the global warming effect, and fundamentally improve the quality of the environment. However, for the greenhouse effect, natural gas produces carbon dioxide like coal and oil. Therefore, natural gas cannot be used as a new energy source. Its advantages are:

      2. Green and environmental protection Natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly high-quality energy source. It contains almost no sulfur, dust and other harmful substances. It produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels when burned, resulting in a low greenhouse effect, which can fundamentally improve the environmental quality.

      3. Affordable Natural gas is comparable to artificial gas in terms of year-on-year heat value, and natural gas is clean and clean, which can extend the service life of the cooker, and is also beneficial to users to reduce maintenance costs. Natural gas is clean gas, stable supply, and can improve air quality, thus providing new impetus to the economic development of the region, driving economic prosperity and improving the environment.

      4. Safe and Reliable Natural gas is non-toxic, easy to disperse, lighter than air, and should not accumulate into explosive gas. It is a safer gas.

      Improving your life As households use safe and reliable natural gas, they will greatly improve their home environment and improve their quality of life.

      The characteristics of Zhongrui gas boiler:

      High security and reliability

      The boiler combustion chamber adopts corrugated furnace and has good thermal expansion performance. The combustion chamber is equipped with an explosion-proof door. The furnace body is equipped with high-sensitivity temperature, pressure and water level sensing components, and is connected to the controller to form a high reliability multiple. The safety protection control system ensures the safe operation of the boiler; the boiler has a large volume of water, stable and reliable operation, and high heat supply quality.


      Energy efficient

      The boiler adopts a large furnace and a corrugated furnace structure, which increases the radiation heat transfer area and facilitates the full combustion of the fuel. The artificial neural network-based fuzzy control technology and the world famous brand burner are used to realize the automatic adjustment of combustion according to temperature and pressure, so that the boiler can operate efficiently and economically under different conditions, and the fuel consumption is minimized. .

      Conducive to environmental protection

      The low NOX combustion technology is used to optimize the boiler structure design, and the boiler combustion condition is automatically adjusted through the flue gas detection, thereby ensuring that the boiler flue gas emission meets the requirements of environmental protection in China and the world, and the running noise is low.

      Easy installation and maintenance

      The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler adopt movable double sealing structure, which is convenient for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the boiler interior. The whole boiler is fast installed, no vibration is running, and the installation is convenient and quick. The boiler computer controller can automatically record the time and cause of the fault, which is convenient. Maintenance personnel perform maintenance.


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